Puzzle Lovers Puzzle Raffle

Join the Puzzle Lovers Raffle on Social Media and win a random puzzle! 

Fill the form with info of your own experience about the puzzle motif.

#puzzleloversraffle @tacticpuzzlelovers 
  1. Fill the form – found inside the puzzle box in our newest puzzles
  2. Take a photo showing both, the puzzle motif and the form above it 
  3. Share the photo to Facebook or Instagram feed with:
    • @tacticpuzzlelovers will send us a notification.
    • #puzzleloversraffle will let us know that you are participating.

Raffle rules:

The participans must use the official form found inside the puzzle box in our newest puzzles. The puzzle motif must be from the Puzzle Lovers selection.

The participants must post the raffle image (described above) with #puzzleloversraffle and @tacticpuzzlelovers on Facebook or Instagram feed. Please use your feed because the stories disappear and we might miss them.

The raffle continues until announced otherwise on this page.

Puzzle Lovers team will choose winners randomly amongst participants on Instagram and Facebook. The number of prizes varies.

Puzzle Lovers team will inform winners and will ask for their contact info via personal messages (for sending prizes).

Note that by participating in this raffle, you automatically grant Puzzle Lovers team the right to share your post on Puzzle Lovers social media channels. Puzzle Lovers team will repost some (if not all) of the participants photos.

Instagram or Facebook are not affiliated with this raffle in any way!

Puzzle Lovers Puzzle Raffle’s Privacy Policy

If you have any questions about the raffle, please contact: marketing(at)tactic.net