LifeSTYLE Puzzles

Take a moment of mindfulness for yourself by putting together a puzzle.

LifeSTYLE puzzles feature pleasant colors and serene, even dreamlike themes.

The puzzles consist of 500 pieces, so putting them together is just challenging enough without being too difficult. They are suitable for, for example, those interested in interior design, and they are the perfect gift to give to someone.

When we put a puzzle together, our brain shifts from a Beta state into an Alpha state. The Alpha state is a lot like dreaming.

During the Alpha state, our stress levels reduce and the mind rests. Each piece of the puzzle that finds its place encourages us to carry on, and eventually, the completed picture creates a moment of accomplishment. Putting together puzzles has been proven to improve one’s concentration, and it increases the production of dopamine, giving us moments of satisfaction.

These high-quality puzzles are made in Finland from responsible, FSC®-certified materials.

LifeSTYLE puzzles are a way of life – they might just change your everyday life.

LifeSTYLE puzzles