Benefits of building puzzles

Here are some surprising benefits of building puzzles that we’d like to share with you! 

1. Mental exercise

Doing puzzles can be considered a complete brain exercise since it jogs both the right and left side of your brain.

2. Better spatial reasoning

To put together a puzzle, we have to look at a mass of small pieces and place them within a larger image. Doing this exercise regularly helps us improve our spatial awareness.

3. Greater attention to detail

The ability to capture small details can help us in all aspects of our lives, especially at work. When we are more detailed and precise, the quality of our work improves.

4. Improve your memory

The simple act of assembling a puzzle works to reinforce the connections between our brain cells. This is great for our short-term memory!

5. Increase your IQ

Researchers found that spending 25 minutes a day solving puzzles and riddles can raise your IQ by 4 points.

6. Improve your problem-solving ability

The skills you use to make a puzzle can be applied to work, making you more innovative in problem solving, as well as improving your critical thinking and adaptive skills

7. Increase your productivity

When you are happier and less stressed, it’is easier to focus. When your concentration improves, your productivity skyrockets. If you’re having trouble staying focused on your studies or work, consider taking a short break to do a puzzle and reset your brain.

8. Improve your mood

Solving puzzles has a great benefit: it increases brain production of dopamine. This neurotransmitter is responsible for regulating mood and optimism. It also affects learning, memory, concentration, and motivation. Dopamine is released every time we do a puzzle and even every time we put a piece in the right place. This encourages us to continue to do so and challenge ourselves.

9. Ease your stress

In addition to challenging us, it also helps us relax. Our brains go from “Beta” or awake, to a state of “Alpha” when you are assembling puzzles. The Alpha state is similar to the state we are in when we are dreaming.

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Moments spent with puzzles mean quality time – for you!