Tactic Puzzles are FSC®-certified

FSC is the world’s most trusted sustainable certification for the origination of forest-based material, maintained by the international Forest Stewardship Council®

In October 2021, this certificate was granted to Tactic Games’ factory, located in Finland by Kiwa Inspecta.

Accountability and ecological thinking are an essential part of Tactic Games’ philosophy, which helps us take steps towards a more environmentally friendly future. The FSC certificate provides us with an awesome opportunity to promote more sustainable development in a tangible way.

All the products produced at the Tactic Games factory, in Finland, will be manufactured using only FSC-certified paper, cardboard and card. This is showcased by the FSC logo – now found on all our board games, puzzles, books and playing cards.

The FSC-certified products from Tactic Games are a responsible and sustainable choice!

More info about the certificate: fsc.org/en

More info about Tactic: www.tactic.net