New puzzle range, Impuzzlibles!

Dare to try this new, more challenging range?

The name “impuzzlibles” says it all! Almost impossible, but not quite!

The new range has four motifs and more will follow.

  • Threads
  • Balloons
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Sequins

We tested the Impuzzlible Balloons and here are the results. To be honest, it was already a challenge to get this puzzle started. After managing the edges, the only option we saw was to choose one colour and start to separate those from the others. We picked yellow and it must have been a good choice because slowly but surely the yellow balloons started to spread and conquer the whole area. And other balloons followed.

It is funny how eyes see the colours differently when pieces were placed next to different tones. Dark yellow wasn’t brown as you might think but actually violet. And how many different shades of blue are there, really! And we did disagree a little bit on the right terms for some of the tones. One sees dark yellow as yellow, and others see it more like mustard green(ish).

The impuzzlibles are 1000pc puzzles and no more was needed. It took us 3 days in total, popping in and out once in a while. But it kept us hooked all the time, more and more when we begun to reach the end. The Impuzzlible Balloons was a real challenge indeed. But after putting in the last pieces we felt almost victorious, giving each other high fives. It was a cheerful moment.

And yes, we would recommend it (now that it’s finished ;D).